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NationBuilder product issues and suggestions

We are constantly adding, refining and even removing features. Use this board to submit or search for an issue you’re experiencing or a feature you’d like to see added. You can also track an issue’s progress over time by following it.

Please use as many details as possible, including the steps required to reproduce it if applicable.

You will automatically be tracking the issue and will receive email updates throughout its progress.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Add ability to add image captions through WYSIWYG editor

Provide Automated E-mails After Path is Completed

Allow Recruiters to See the Registered Users and Number of People They Recruited

Unable to download or create themes using ThemeSync

Allow users to access unpaginated arrays when developing websites on NationBuilder

Adding customized types of relationships between people and between individuals and organizations

Add more field options to the 'clear field' section of batch update

Email blast Newsletter repository/view in browser

Saving a finances filter

Adding "Contains" to Custom Field Filter *URGENT*

Setting to change date and distance format to most used worldwide appreciated

Allow Custom Fields to be Batch Updated

Autoresponder for "keyed" donations

Count tickets that account for more than one 'ticket purchase' towards RSVP count

Restrict pages to users with a certain tag / permission set / membership type

Adding "With Only" to Filtering Options

Manually RSVPing to an event does not take into account the time zone of the event - shows in Pacific Time

Large site clones sometimes fail due to duplicate slugs or page tags

Allow users to choose if they want their public profile on or off

Monthly installment memberships renew with each payment