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SVG Files do not work in themes when uploaded via the NationBuilder Dropbox integration

Report from a user:

When a .svg is synced to NationBuilder via Dropbox, it renders the file as a text file.

For example, if a file labelled "testSVGImage.svg" is synced to a theme and that file is referenced in an <img> tag ( IE: <img src="{{ theme['testSVGImage.svg'] }}" /> ) in a template, the browser doesn't render the image, but treats it as text file so it appears as if the image is missing. This also occurred in NationBuilder Theme Sync.

Our workaround was to simply upload SVG files via the "Files" tab of the relative Nation's theme. However, when Dropbox is connected, there is no allowance for uploading files. That is disabled.


This is expected behavior. We will consider adding this functionality but it does not have a timeline yet.

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