Effectively using NationBuilder to lead a community is a process; the more you use the software, the easier it fits into your daily work. Tag sharing is so powerful and unique, it defies this standard. I recommend you read the share data between nations documentation before you begin using tag sharing. If you are already using the feature, the new HOWTO will hopefully clarify the process.

The feature was launched three years ago, with two major updates refining the sending and receiving process. The documentation published today reflects these changes. It also takes into account common customer questions regarding the feature. 

Some highlights:

  • Clearer emphasis on how powerful sharing a tag between nations is. You really do not have to sync profile data to provide actionable insight using tag sharing.
  • Clarification on how much information is always included when data syncing. (37 fields!)
  • Regardless of which data sync option is chosen, blank fields will always be filled in when data syncs.
  • Tag sharing uses the same logic as imports — in the matching process and in the overwrite process.
  • This means when a tag share includes data syncing, any address changes in one nation will automatically overwrite that address in the other nation.
  • Changed the URL to reflect the feature’s purpose: sharing a tag by itself is a powerful way to share data between nations.

You may have noticed we are keeping track of bugs and feature suggestions on our website and publicly commenting when work begins and is completed. Whenever Janice Kim or I update a HOWTO, we will add links to related suggestions in the related resources area. And we might add a suggestion based on our testing, e.g. notify receiving nation of pending tag share.

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