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Add filter criteria for Legal First Name

We manage a complex alumni database. In our original system, there were 13 different "Name Types" for first name such as casual, formal, nickname, former, DBA and so on. In NationBuilder, you just have first name and legal first name. It's simpler, and that's generally a good thing. The issue is that "legal first name" is not searchable, like at all. There is no filter criteria for it, it is not easily accessible in the person's profile, and it's not available in the quick-search toolbar. We treat the first name field as "casual" (what they prefer to be called), but we frequently (like multiple times per day) need to utilize the legal first name too. Think someone who is named James, but often goes by Jim. If Jim calls us and says his name is "James" we need to be able to quickly find him by either name. My workaround is to create a custom field that duplicates the information the legal name field, but that's such a hack and it seems like unnecessary work. Can you please consider adding filter criteria for the legal first name field? It's already importable, exportable, and a hard-coded field on the person's profile, so why not make it filterable? Thanks for your consideration.

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