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Define each email field in the importer

NationBuilder people profiles have four distinct email fields labeled Email, Email 2 and so on. Any four of the emails can be marked as the primary email address that is used in blasts and shown on their public profiles. Despite the numerical distinction in each profile, NationBuilder's import tool only has a single "email" mapping, making it unclear which email will end up in each field. There is also no clear distinction for which email will be marked as the primary address. Deep in the import documentation, you find that, "The rightmost email column mapped in your CSV will be identified as the profile's primary email address." If the emails are labeled as individual fields on the profile, would it be possible to add these distinctions in the importer rather than having the "rightmost column" workflow? This is an easy error for anyone to miss and can really mess up an import. "Email 1, 2, 3.." would make for more straightforward imports, especially with profiles that contain multiple addresses. Just a thought. Thanks for your consideration!

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