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Improve automated email options for membership expiration process

Membership Types allow for a total of three automated emails, with only two being related to the renewal process (i.e. expiration warnings). Most organizations I know (including us) have a more robust renewal process that includes several communications leading up to expiration. Basically a multi-level drip campaign that moves folks along the path to renewing. As a result of this limitation, we'll have to manually schedule out several emails per month along with batch updating the contacts, batching the path step, and tracking folks who renew etc. This is a pretty significant time investment on our part. The system we're coming from allows for extensive customization for automatic emails to members as they approach expiration (we send 5 over 5 months). This might be part of a broader project to implement drip campaigns in NationBuilder, but even adding the option to create additional automated emails on the Membership Types page would be incredibly helpful. Thanks for your consideration!

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