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Customer Engagement Manager

Join me every weekday at 10am for NationBuilder Live.

Helping people find out what they want to do is why I joined NationBuilder. You have this spark but you don’t know the next step - I’m so happy to help with that. As a Customer Engagement Manager I get to help people use NationBuilder better every single day by working with our customers and every team at NationBuilder to make the experience the best it can be.

I also have two children, am married to a film director, love the Chicago Bears, am from Las Vegas, lived in NYC for 13 years, moved to LA in 2013 and I only read Stephen King books. 


responded to Slower than normal import speeds with considering
posted 2017-10-03 12:43:40 -0700
responded to Email provider dropdown missing with completed
posted 2017-09-29 10:38:48 -0700
responded to Search box out of the top nav in French nations with completed
posted 2017-09-29 10:30:34 -0700
responded to Add an email parameter to the Search API endpoint with completed
posted 2017-09-29 10:24:26 -0700
responded to Reports of delay when logging contacts from data entry view with considering
posted 2017-09-29 10:13:12 -0700
responded to Make Flash Messages Editable with considering
posted 2017-09-29 10:10:45 -0700
responded to Don't allow Custom Fields or Tags to be mapped in the Membership Importer with duplicate
posted 2017-09-29 10:08:38 -0700
responded to Add support level to the contacts API > create endpoint with considering
posted 2017-09-27 17:02:34 -0700
responded to Snapshots have been queued for 3 or more hours with considering
posted 2017-09-27 15:30:37 -0700
responded to Auto-Tag recipients of an email blast with considering
posted 2017-09-25 14:11:40 -0700
responded to Point person status remains when CPU access is removed with incomplete
posted 2017-09-27 18:23:09 -0700
responded to Autodistricting labels in control panel for Belgium with completed
posted 2017-10-17 13:59:26 -0700