Tagging and pathways are not exportable

At our charity we need to export information stored in pathways (note/email/log contact/pledge/donation) for reporting and monitoring requirements for funders and partnerships. As it stands, the functionality of pathways is limited to being able to input and update, but not to share. This is a detractor from using pathways. Similarly, it's not possible to run an export of varied samples of individuals who have different tags from one another (e.g. volunteers, donors, beneficiaries), whilst keeping all the tags on the individuals' records. We would hugely benefit from this improvement.



Hi Tess, thanks for the feedback - it's not easy to see all of the information logged to a path for contacts. This is something we're considering but don't have a timeline for when it will be developed. If you need the data, you can access the information from a snapshot, which will include all information about your contacts, and then you can query your database for the information you're looking for about a path step ID: http://nationbuilder.com/how_to_back_up_your_nation

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