I would like my autoreponse to send two different message based on the recipient zipcode

Hello i would like my autreponse to send  two different message based on the recipient zipcode. 
i tryed this code : 

 {% if recipient.registered_address.zip == "75003" or recipient.registered_address.zip == "75010" %}tex

text 1

{% else %}

texte 2

{% endif %}

But i think i did something wrong... can you help me ? 

Official response from

Hey Thomas — That actually looks perfect. I tested it out in my own account and can confirm that it worked for me when I set a profile’s registered address zip to 75003 and tested out the page to get the autoresponse. One thing to double check is that zip is in their registered address and not some other address field, per your code. If you’d rather have it check for that zip in whatever is their primary address, you can do so by using recipient.address.zip instead of recipient.registered_address.zip. Let me know if it’s still not working for you and I can take a look at the particular autoresponse that you are working on.

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