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How can I change the size of the logo in the Action theme and not affect the drop-down menus?

I've found the CSS in theme.scss to change the max-height of the logo on our site, but when I do that, I can no longer have drop-down menus that work correctly. How can I change the overall height of the nav bar (if that's what's needed) so that the drop-downs will work correctly? Thanks!

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In addition to changing the max-height of your logo, you'll need to make a few additional changes to your theme to ensure that the logo doesn't interfere with the navigation:

  1. In your theme.scss file, set the "top" elements around line 820 and 838, to "top:50px" 
  2. In your _navbar.scss file, update the "margin-top" around line 329 to the same max-height you want to use for your image. For example, if you want an image that's 100px tall, you would set the margin-top to 100px. 

If you have any trouble implementing this for your theme, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with a link to the custom theme you're working on. 

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