Track prospective donations from prospects

We have received reports that users would like to track prospective (speculative) donations on prospects in their nation or order to estimate potential donors in their nation.


Hey Alex –

It seems like you're talking about splitting out "soft pledges" and "hard pledges," a common practice for fundraising forecasting. At present, NationBuilder has only a single concept of pledge, which is available in the filter criteria "Total amount pledged" and "Individual pledge amount." When a person has a pledge, they automatically change from a prospect to a supporter, so there's no good way to have prospects (in the NationBuilder sense) with pledges.

That said, you can also set a person's "Donation/fundraising goal amount" for use on a personal fundraising page, which isn't currently something you can filter on. Curious to get thoughts from the community on whether we should look into combining these in some way.

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