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As you may be aware, Twitter recently made significant changes that have impacted integrations with other software, including NationBuilder. Specifically, single sign-on capabilities and all Twitter functionality in the People database and broadcasters are currently unavailable.

Our team is carefully evaluating the best path forward, including the possibility of discontinuing this integration altogether if we’re not confident it will continue to add meaningful value for our customers.

As we're considering options, feedback from our customers is immensely helpful. If you or your team would be significantly impacted by this decision, please reach out at [email protected] and let us know.


Frequently asked questions


What functionality is related to this integration?

People database features include:

  • Supporter login with a Twitter account
  • Auto-populate Twitter bio information and profile pictures on database records when a Twitter account is imported or added
  • Filters tied to Twitter account information
  • Recurring Twitter imports

Broadcaster features include:

  • Tweet directly from a broadcaster
  • Add Twitter accounts that follow, retweet, or mention a broadcaster into your nation
  • Capture retweets and mentions of Twitter accounts linked to a broadcaster into your nation


With this integration disabled, can I still use Twitter to get new supporters into my nation? 

Absolutely yes. The ability to share links to action pages on Twitter (and to prompt supporters to do so when they take action) isn't tied to this integration. Getting people to click through to your website and take an action has always been the best way to acquire contact information and opt-ins, and it still works as it always has.

If you’re looking for exciting and innovative ways to grab the attention of potential new supporters, you should check out our newest product, ActionButton. It’s an engagement tool that’s easy to set up and feature on your website or share on social media platforms. The buttons make engagement simple and fun, with some examples of buttons including:

  • Sentiment polls
  • Quizzes
  • Voter registration
  • Email legislators

Here are instructions on how to get set up with ActionButton, or you can see examples and learn more at

If you still have questions after reading this blog please email our support team at [email protected] or contact them via chat in your nation’s control panel.

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