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commented on Search by any parameter
Thanks, Farz!

What’s the chance of opening it up to search by any parameter? I know nothing is ever “simple”, but I imagine the same process of adding tracking_code_slug would be applicable to any other parameters we wanted, and probably maintains the same level of abstraction over the database, just more and better options.

This kind of search functionality comes up for me pretty often, actually, in the People resources as well. That has more flexibility, but I still find a ton of my applications are pulling huge lists just to run searches on them that would be much faster at the database level, I’m sure. I’m at the point where it almost makes sense to mirror the database on a local server so I can actually run SQL queries on it myself. Is that a common workflow for other developers out there? Am I over or under thinking it?
posted 2018-07-16 15:07:27 -0700