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Before I get to the product updates, I wanted to take a minute to re-introduce myself. As the VP of Product at NationBuilder, my job is to make sure that we’re constantly solving leaders' most important problems. Over the coming months, expect to hear from me more often (this blog post was also sent out via email) — we have quite a few exciting things queued up to share with you.

For today: we made it easier to send receipts to your donors and find your petition signers.

You’re now able to send receipts to your donors both when you manually enter their donations, and when their recurring donation is processed each month. To automatically send when manually entering a donation, add the slug of the page whose autoresponse you want to use, and the receipt will be emailed once you save. If you’d like to disable ongoing receipts for recurring donors, head to the autoresponse tab of your donation page, and select “Only for the first donation”:


We’ve also added the ability to filter for people based on multiple petitions they’ve signed. This makes it even easier to identify signers without having to build up a library of tags for each petition or group of related petitions.

Filter for many petitions
I'm looking forward to sharing more updates like this with you all as we enter into the new year. If you're super into the nitty gritty and want to follow along with all the small changes and fixes that are constantly being made, subscribe to bi-weekly product update emails, courtesy of Taylor Pineiro. If you have any questions, you can reach our support team at [email protected] or 213-394-4623.

Thanks for being a part of NationBuilder,

Ben Handzo
VP of Product

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