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Allow users to more easily choose which custom fields are requested on a form

As it currently stands, all donation pages are pre-configured to display ALL custom donation fields and no custom people fields. All other page types are void of custom fields by default, butĀ NationBuilder provides documentation on how to code these into the page templates of certain page types.

As custom fields are becoming more widely used, it would be great to allow users to control which custom fields are displayed on a page without requiring the user to modify the HTML/Liquid code of the page template. Below is a mockup of what this could look like:


While not included in the above mockup, the ability to specify whether a field should be required or optional would be extremely useful as well, as making fields required is a common request that we receive on theĀ NationBuilder Support team.


Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider looking into this issue but do not have a timeline at the moment.

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