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Clicking "delete address" under location tab doesn't remove districts

Clicking "delete address" under location tab on a profile doesn't remove districts under the voting districts tab as expected. Manually deleting address information from each profile *does* wipe the voting districts. Results for a voting district filter would then include profiles with no address (if the address was deleted by clicking delete).

This affects the integrity of data - CPUs could see bloated results in district filters not knowing that deleting the address by clicking the delete button doesn't remove their districts. 

A workaround for this is to include a piece of address "exists" criteria to ensure that only profiles with addresses are included in voting district filters (like post code exists, or city exists) *or* to delete the addresses fields manually rather than clicking "delete address" when deleting an address from a profile.


Thanks Victoria - is this a affecting every day workflow for people? That would help get it prioritized! 

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