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Delve is a search companion for your nation that lets visitors to your website search for people contained in your database. Delve has been used with tremendous results by the American Board of Psychoanalysis (ABP).

ABP is an independent certification organization for psychoanalysts. As part of the benefits to certified members and the general public, ABP allows those seeking therapy to search their database for a certified psychoanalyst. This critical piece of functionality ensures that patients can find the right psychoanalyst with the proper certification near them. ABP turned to Novelucent to build this functionality. 


ABP imported a list of all certified psychoanalysts into their nation and set their certification period using memberships. For example, if a psychoanalyst was certified today, they would be assigned a membership level that expires a year from today. Then using NationBuilder’s memberships API, Novelucent was able to sync member records to Delve. Using a line of javascript embedded on a basic pagetype on NationBuilder, Delve was usable to visitors on ABP’s website.


Delve pulls from data that lives in your nation to sort records based on attributes like country, state, city, zip code, name, profile information, custom fields, etc. Even with partial data you can run queries using Delve. ABP experienced this problem because some users only remembered part of a psychoanalysts last name. Even with just that information they were able to quickly search for everyone who matched that criteria.


This makes Delve the perfect option for associations and alumni organizations that want users to quickly filter for nearby groups. For administrators at ABP, they saw the growth of participating psychoanalysts grow from 0 to 354 members over the span of 11 months. Delve was able to manage that rapid growth and render quick search results for the user.

To learn more about Delve please visit their listing on our app directory.


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