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Get a free voter file for your campaign

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District & County


Stay up to date with our voter file updates
Over 190 million U.S. voters available
  • Regularly updated
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Voter history
  • Email addresses (in select states)
  • Available for political purposes by campaigns & organizations

Restrictions on use
Generally, the voter file must be used for political purposes. Restrictions vary by state. You do not need to use NationBuilder to access the NationBuilder voter file.

A free district or county file may be requested once per election. It can be requested once during a primary and once during a general election.

Learn more about voter data information

Voter file maintained to support customers
NationBuilder gathers voter files from across the country. We standardize the data and regularly update the information to include current voter registration and recent elections. We began this process as a resource to help NationBuilder customers run campaigns.

Obtaining the data is always free when used in NationBuilder. Importing a voter file increases the number of people stored in a nation, usually increasing the cost. NationBuilder pricing varies based on the number of people in your database and the plan selected. We can help you determine the most cost effective way to request voter data. For example, you may want to request one political party during your primary election.

Downloading a district or county voter file as a CSV file is free.