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Using the new Control Panel? Dig into our new documentation

Understanding broadcasters

Broadcasters are the voices who speak publicly on behalf of your nation. All of your external communications are organized around broadcasters and accessed from the Communications area of your control panel.

Add a new broadcaster

We suggest creating separate broadcasters for different types of communication. For example, a nonprofit might have one broadcaster for the organization overall, another for the executive director, and another for the volunteer coordinator. You can then attach an email address, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, or any combination of these, to each broadcaster.

Broadcasters are completely separate from people in your database. You can set up a broadcaster so any point people in your nation will be able to send out blast messages to your nation, or so that only one person can send messages from a certain broadcaster.

To add a new broadcaster, go to Communication and then click + Add new broadcaster.

You can configure a broadcaster with the following forms of communication:

If you are on the Team plan or above, you will have access to a virtual phone number for receiving voicemails. You can also enable text messaging and blasting. 

If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.