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Links pasted into WYSIWYG editor using integration aren't embedding content

Currently, it appears that supported services (YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.) are not properly embedding content when links are pasted directly into the WYSIWYG content editor. 

The recommended workaround for the time being is to paste an iframe of the YouTube video into the Template section of the page. 



Update: 6/27 - 5pm PT - this is fixed! If you are still seeing any links not embedding please let us know. 

Update: 6/27 - 1pm PT - new links are working! For your old links we are going to go back and fix the issue so that they will show - while we are working on that if you can force the fix by following a few steps

- add content to your page
- save the page
- delete the new content (or keep it, as long as the page has been changed and saved!) 
- re-save your page 

We are working on this!

In the meantime from Brian:
Hey all! While we work on fixing this, a temporary workaround will be to paste the iframe into the template tab, as Lauren mentioned. Here is our guide for where to put the iframe embed code: 

However, this limits you to only putting it at the top or bottom of your page content. If you are super tech savvy and want to put the iframe in the middle of your content, check out this walkthrough here:

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