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Configure your site settings

You website settings are where you can edit the overall controls for your website. From this area you can configure the default settings, edit your footer, add header and background images, and set up a custom domain.

(Please note, site settings are the settings for a specific website within your Nation. If you'd like to change settings for your Nation overall, navigate to the Settings tab in the control panel. For more information, you can also visit the Settings section of our HowTos.)

Table of Contents

Site-wide settings

Under Website > Site settings > Basic you can configure the fundamental settings of your website. Take a moment to learn about what settings can affect your website and how this changes the experience of your users.

Your website will default to have the Organization name you entered in install. Change your website name by entering a name in the “Name” text box. You may also enter a longer version of the name in the “Long name” text box.

Name long name

The name will appear in header of your site, unless you have a logo image uploaded. Note that if your “Long name” is different than “Name”, the “Long name” will display on the front facing site.

Enter the title of your site that will appear in search engine results.

Title of homepage

Enter a headline and subheadline for your site. These can be pulled into pages or email blasts using Liquid

Headline subheadline

Decide on the default language of your site. Select an option from the drop down menu. 

Select language

Select a default broadcaster for your website. This broadcaster will send all autoresponse emails from your nation. 

Default broadcaster

Facebook or Twitter icons at the bottom of every website page will link to this broadcaster’s associated social media accounts.


Limit who can see your website based on access level. A person can see all pages that are less restrictive than her own. So, anyone who is at an “admin” level will be able to see the site if it is limited to members-only. You may also edit visibility on a page by page basis.

If you are using a theme with a dark background, check the “Use the dark Facebook like button.” This will cause the Facebook button that appears at the bottom of all themes to appear with greater contrast in order to increase visibility for your users.

Dark Facebook button

A number of settings are affected by a series of checkboxes available under Site settings > Basic. Most of these can also be configured on a page-by-page basis. 

1. Check this box to make all action pages ask for a mobile phone number.

2. Every action page has a built in stream that shows the activity of the page. The stream will show the name, profile picture, and action taken of every person who took an action on that page. Uncheck this box to disable the stream site-wide. Note that an individual can opt-out of having her profile display on any action page.

Activity stream

3. Uncheck this box to disable comments site-wide. Please note that allowing comments automatically shows the stream.

4. Uncheck this box if you do not want your site to be viewable to search engines. This will keep your site hidden until you want it to go live. Please note that if your site was accessible to search engines and you uncheck this box, it will take a few days for search engines to notice the change and remove the site from their listings.

5. When this page is checked, the parent page will appear in the top navigation drop down.

When the parent is included:

Parent included

When the parent is not included: 

Parent not included

6. Check this box to take advantage of public profiles. A public profile is created for every person in your nation who has an account. You can disable profiles sitewide by unchecking this box. Learn more about public profiles in your nation.

7. Check this box if you want to ask for volunteers on every action page in your nation. A checkbox will be available on every form in your nation asking a supporter if she wants to volunteer.

I want to volunteer

8. Check the “Show social slider” checkbox if you want to have a slider displaying profiles from your nation. The profiles shown will be those who took an action on a specific page. Each supporter will have the option to not publish her action to the site. This setting only applies to action pages.

Social slider

9. When someone comments on a page, all followers of that page get an email notification. Followers of the page include anyone who has previously commented on the page. Uncheck this box to disable the email notifications.

10. When you use the social and activity streams on your pages, your user will have the option to opt out of publishing her action to the page. Uncheck this box if you want to disable the option to publish the action to the stream.

11. Any page that asks for an email address or mobile number will also have an opt-in checkbox below the field on the form. You can decide if that checkbox defaults to checked or unchecked. 

12.  The sidebar of your site only appears when you are logged in to the site. It includes links to page you’ve authored. If you are a control panel user of the nation, it will offer the option to edit the page and access to the control panel. You can select to hide the sidebar on public profiles by selecting this checkbox. 

Side bar

Remember to click Save site Save site.

Favicon, Logo, Header & Background image

You have the option to add several types of images to customize your NationBuilder website. These images will appear on every page of your site.

Upload the images you select under Favicon, Logo, Header image and Background image. 

Upload the image by clicking Choose file and then Upload image.

To add content or information to the footer of your site use the content editor at Site settings > Footer.

Settings footer

Once you’ve added the appropriate content and images, click Save footer Save footer.

Analytics setup & custom domain

Under site settings you are able to set up your site’s analytics tracking and connect a subdomain using the CNAME method. Please refer to our documentation on analytics and attaching a custom domain for further information. 

Settings analytics

Clear your cache

When you are making a site-wide change or modifying your theme remember to clear you cache often. Clearing your cache will often cleans out your theme so any recent changes are represented. Any time you notice something odd with your theme consider clearing your cache. This will often resolve the problem. 

Settings cache

How to connect a custom domain

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Sharing your site on social media

If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.