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API and Mobile SDK Documentation

Our API gives your application access to NationBuilder's core features.

Getting Started

Resource link Description
Quickstart Guide Guide to get an application registered and authorized to use data
Access Token Migration Guide to migrate from v1 to v2 access tokens
Testing your app A starter guide to testing your app with Postman
API Explorer A tool for exploring the different API endpoints on a live nation
Ruby Quickstart Quickstart guide with example code for the Ruby programming language
PHP Quickstart Quickstart guide with example code for the PHP programming language
Python Quickstart  Quickstart guide with example code for the Python programming language
Rate Limit Policy Explanation of our rate limiting policy
Usage Patterns Parameters and settings common to all endpoints
Access Tokens Information about access tokens
Sample Code Sample code showing how to use the NationBuilder API
Breaking Changes NationBuilder's definition of what is a breaking API change


Library name Description
nationbuilder-rb The official Ruby client for the NationBuilder API
nationbuilder-ios The official iOS client for the NationBuilder API


Objects Description
Basic Pages Interact with the basic pages on a nation's website 
Blog Posts Interface with the blog posts that make up a blog on a nation 
Blogs Interface with the blogs on a nation 
Calendars Get information about the calendars the nation manages 
Campaign Data Get the nation's metadata on campaign information
Contacts Register contacts made to people in your nation
Donations Access the donations made to the nation 
Events Get information about the events the nation manages. Also see the event resource description
Exports Export lists from your nation
Imports Create and run imports into your nation 
Lists Interface with lists of people in your nation
Memberships Grant and customize memberships
Page Attachments Attach and remove static files to a page 
Paths Return a paginated list of paths and steps for a nation
People Interface with the people information stored in your nation 
People Tags List tags that a nation uses and people who have a certain tag
Petitions Create and interact with petitions and petition signatures on a site
Precincts Manage precincts in your nation
Political Capital Interface with the political capital associated with each person
Sites Get information about the sites the nation manages 
Survey Pages Manipulate NationBuilder survey pages


Document Description
Overview General information about NationBuilder iOS SDK
Installing How to use the NationBuilder iOS SDK in your project
Using the Client Information on the client layer of the SDK
Using Accounts Information on the accounts layer of the SDK
Using Everything Resources and summaries to further clarify the SDK on a larger scale

Have suggestions for improvements to this documentation? Submit a post to our API Developers Forum.

If you think you've found a bug or have questions about an issue with your API implementation, we've put together a cheat sheet for bug reporting. Following these guidelines will get you the best response from our team. 

Our rate limit policy is described here. The REST API runs on the same infrastructure as the NationBuilder app, and you can view current and historical uptime reports at

Please direct API-related questions to [email protected]