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Clone a page

Have you ever wanted to create a new page on your site based on one that already exists, but without the hassle of having to copy and paste everything over? Well, good news, you can! Page cloning will create a complete copy of an existing page, this includes duplicating all settings, attachments, images, text, etc., and you can edit elements as you see fit. 

Currently, page cloning only works with the following page types: basic, petition, donation v2signup, volunteer, surveys, and blog post pages.

Cloning a page

To clone a page, go to the page you'd like to copy by clicking on Website and selecting the editbutton next to the page slug. Once on the page, click on the Clone tab. 

1. Enter the slug for the new page. Remember the slug uniquely identifies a page on your website. It is the end of the URL for a page. For example: 

The word blog is the slug for the blog page on the Abe for Prez website. The slug will always be after the back slash at the end of address.

2. Press Clone. The amount of time it takes to clone will depend on the amount of content it is copying. 

At this point, the page will refresh and you will see a note saying your page is being created in the same area of your site as the original page. If you have a large amount of pages, a quick way to find it would be typing in the slug in the quick search in the upper right corner of your page. 

 Note: You can delete the original page without affecting the clone.


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