World-Class Fundraising Software

Raise more for your nonprofit, all in one place

Create seamless donation pages, send expertly targeted donor communications, and supercharge peer-to-peer fundraising to exceed your goals.

  • Enable monthly & annual payments

    Give donors the option of contributing one-time or recurring gifts from the same page

  • Industry-low rates

    Process donations online starting from 2.2% + 30¢ per transaction for nonprofits

  • Automate fundraising emails & texts

    Dynamically insert donor info and donation amounts, encouraging future payments

Rebecca Green from Bend the Arc
Rebecca Green uses NationBuilder to organize for Bend the Arc, an organization running a nationwide network of local Jewish advocacy.
Multiply Your Results

Harness the fundraising power of your network

Build fundraising insights into the center of your website and supporter outreach, without additional systems or third-party processors.

Ginna Green and Rebecca Green use NationBuilder to organize for Bend the Arc, an organization running a nationwide network of local Jewish advocacy.

Ginna Green from Bend the Arc
  • Readymade donation pages

    Spin up fundraising pages that process payments and sync with your database

  • AI-powered tips

    Track donor paths and get database insights to prompt the right people at the right time

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising

    Give donors trackable links to share with their networks and fundraise on your behalf

Impact that scales

Customers using the full suite of NationBuilder features

  • Recruited 71x more supporters
  • Received 7.5x more donations per supporter
  • Had supporters fundraise 47x more on their behalf
  • Increased event RSVPs 50% per platform user
  • Increased sign-ups by 25x using gamification tools
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Reach the right people with personalized requests

Smart fields

Personalize emails as you write with dynamic data—name, organization, location, donation history, and more

Email with blocks reading “First name” and “Address city”, which turn into the name “Frances” and city “Santa Monica”

Email automations

Send segmented audiences through action-focused email series and track your conversions

Text messages to volunteer organizers: “Make sure you’ve downloaded the volunteer organizer kit”; Response: “Yay! Can’t wait!”

Donor tracking & reporting

Use engagement paths to trace donors’ progress and tracking codes to measure their contributions

Animation showing people who opened an email being added to a list, and then sent another email asking them to attend a BBQ.

Save time and monthly fees with a single software solution

  • Drive donations with advanced communication tools

    Send personalized, automated email and text outreach to donors based on their interests and history with you

  • Raise more, faster with built-in payment processing

    Seamlessly collect and process one-time and recurring donations at industry-low, maximizing contributions to your cause

  • Build a beautiful website in minutes with readymade templates

    Inspire, capture, and seamlessly track actions across your site while prompting deeper community engagement

  • Inform every decision with smarter data insights

    Create advanced custom dashboards to track what matters most and get AI-powered tips to supercharge your results