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Defining transaction dates

Up to four dates can be associated with a transaction: created, succeeded, failed, and canceled. 

The format used in all four fields is "MM/DD/YYYY" or "MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss" (without quotes). 

When someone donates or pays an invoice on a website built on NationBuilder, at least two of these dates will be recorded. 

1. Created_at is the date the transaction was created in NationBuilder. 

2. Succeeded_at is the date the transaction was successfully processed by the credit card processor. 

3. Failed_at is the date an unsuccessful attempt to process the transaction was done by the credit card processor.

4. Canceled_at is the date the transaction was canceled/refunded by the credit card processor.

These date fields are handled automatically for credit card transactions created in your control panel or on a website built on NationBuilder.

Importing donations

When importing donations, the created_at field will be added to the transaction and will record the date of the import, i.e. the date the transaction was created in NationBuilder.

 We strongly recommend never mapping a date to the created_at field. By allowing your nation to define this field, you will retain a history when each import occurred.

Importing credit card donations

Credit card transactions include either a succeeded_at or a failed_at date, and may include a canceled_at date. 

It is possible to import a date to this field. We strongly recommend not mapping to the created_at field.

Importing other payment types, including cash or check donations

You may have only one date associated with cash, check, or other types of payment. We recommend importing this date to the succeeded_at field. That way, you will have an accurate history of when the donation was received and when the donation was created within your Finances section.