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Types of NationBuilder pages

NationBuilder allows you to do just about anything you'd like through a growing selection of page types that offer rich features for developing your community! Each page type and its functionality is outlined below. 

In the Website section of your control panel, click on + New page to create one of the following pages:

ActBlue: Connect an ActBlue entity and automatically pull in all the donations. 

Activity Stream: Create a feed of activity happening on the site, personalized to your supporters.

Basic: Get a simple page of content up and running in seconds.

Blog: Tell your story with posts, or ask your supporters to contribute to a community blog.

CalendarDisplay upcoming events in a list or map, or allow supporters to post their own.

DirectoryShow a sortable listing of your supporters. 

Donation: Accept credit card donations as one-time payments or recurring donations. Connect with a third-party payment processor. "Thank you" emails are automatically sent to donors and can be customized. Your introduction can include text and/or video. Donors can be tagged, assigned a point person, and added to a path. A control panel user can be notified by email of any new donations.

Donation (v2): Accept one-time and recurring credit card donations.

Endorsement: Ask individuals and organizations to endorse your work. 

EventCollect RSVPs or sell tickets for your event.

FAQ: Answer frequently asked questions.

FeedbackSolicit feedback from supporters such as 'contact us' or 'tell your story.’

Find Friends: Allow supporters to use Facebook or Twitter to connect with their friends.

Followers: Show a list of everyone in your nation who is following the person signed in.

Follows: Show a list of everyone in your nation who the person signed in is following. 

Invoice: Allow customers to pay their invoices online, and see current and past invoices.

Leaderboard: Display one or many leaderboards to recognize the leaders in your nation.

MoneybombAsk for pledges to donate at a specific time and recruit others to do the same. 

Nation Signup: Start a new nation. Network customers can create a nation signup page.

PetitionCollect digital signatures, photos, and stories for your cause.

Political CapitalThe history and current balance of the signed in person's social capital.

Press Release: Release an official statement to the media.

RecruitingAsk your supporters to recruit their friends and track their involvement. 

Redirect: Redirect people to another page or an external website.

RulesLay out the rules of your nation to keep people civil.

SignupAsk people to join your nation, and tag themselves based on criteria you choose.

Suggestion BoxCrowdsource ideas from your supporters, and allow others to comment and vote on them.

SurveyCollect answers to your survey questions. 

Volunteer SignupRecruit volunteers, and ask them to sign up for specific roles and shifts.

Vote PledgeAsk people if they support your campaign and serve them different content based on their response.

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