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Types of NationBuilder pages

NationBuilder allows you to do just about anything you'd like through a growing selection of page types that offer rich features for developing your community! Each page type and its functionality is outlined below. 

In the Website section of your control panel, click on + New page to create one of the following pages:

ActBlue: Connect an ActBlue entity and automatically pull in all the donations. This can be your primary donation page, or a secondary one. It requires your entity donation page URL. When a donation is submitted, you'll be able to track it and add the donor to a path, same as you can on a donation page.

Activity Stream: A Facebook-style news feed of activity happening on the site or of people you're following.

Basic: Nothing fancy, just pure content.

Blog: Blogs can have many blog posts, unlimited authors, comments, extended entries, and embedded media from more than 200 sites. Advanced settings under the "blog" tab allow you to specify which blog posts to show, how many to show, etc. and whether or not logged-in visitors can write guest posts. You can also auto-tag anyone who posts a guest blog entry.

Calendar: Listing of upcoming events, optionally allow user-submitted events, searching for nearby events, and an overview map of all events. It is a container for events, specifying what its events should be called, whether or not all events on the site should be included on the page, and can optionally include only specific event types (ex. a page for all of your meet and greet activities). It sorts events by date chronologically by default. You can switch it to be by distance, and choose whether or not to show a map. You can include a custom introduction and choose to allow user-generated events with sub-menu settings, including assigning a point person to any event creators. It also includes autoresponse emails.

DirectoryCreate a public page listing everyone with a certain tag or set of tags. For example, list members of your alumni group, your nonprofit's board members, people who pledged to vote for you, donors, petition signers, or people who bought tickets to your next show. 

Donation: Accept credit card donations as one-time payments or recurring donations. Connect with a third-party payment processor. "Thank you" emails are automatically sent to donors and can be customized. Your introduction can include text and/or video. Donors can be tagged, assigned a point person, and added to a path. A control panel user can be notified by email of any new donations.

Donation (v2): Accept credit card donations as one-time payments and/or recurring donations with NationBuilder’s integrated payment processing. You can also charge for memberships or sell tickets. "Thank you" receipts are automatically sent to donors by email and can be customized. Your introduction can include text and/or video. You can display the most recent, public donations. Donors can be tagged, assigned a point person, and added to a path. A control panel user can be notified by email of any new donations.

Endorsement: Individuals and/or organizations can make endorsements. You can set a goal and feature important endorsements. This page type supports auto-tagging and point person assignments as well as automatic notifications. You can also allow supporters to endorse by text message keyword and review your endorsements, feature key endorsements and endorser photos, and print a PDF of your signatures.

Event: Supports RSVP, hosts, multiple paid ticket levels, tracking attendees, and Facebook event integration. The introduction can include text and/or video. RSVPs can be accepted via text message keyword, on the website, and through your control panel. RSVPs receive an email with directions automatically. Ticketed events can include hosts, ticket levels, and purchasing multiple tickets simultaneously. Volunteer signup and shift assignment can be included. Event hosts and other organizers can receive email notifications automatically when RSVPs are received. Attendance can be tracked with printable lists for the door or directly in the control panel. RSVPs can be tagged, assigned a point person, and added to an engagement path automatically. Attendees can receive distinct tags, point people, and added to a path automatically. Recurring events can be copied, reducing data entry time and allowing separate RSVPs for each occurrence. 

FAQ: Frequently asked questions. Container for questions. Allow detailed questions and answers.

Feedback: Anything requiring a single free-form text field, like 'contact us' or 'tell your story.'" The page type includes feedback labels, a volunteer recruitment options, and auto-tagging. You can automatically assign point people to anyone who leaves feedback, notify leaders of new feedback by email, and include a text and/or rich media introduction.

Find Friends: For people to use their Facebook or Twitter accounts to connect with their friends and followers who have already joined.

Followers: Everyone in your people database following the signed in person.

Follows: Everyone in your people database the signed in person is following.

Invoice: Create customer invoices payable directly through your website. The page processes payment. Create invoices for each customer - can include service time frame, items purchased, and discount percentage. When an invoice is created, an email is sent to the customer that includes a link to the invoice page allowing them to pay via your website. Includes printable PDF, auto-response emails to confirm payment and to notify customers if their payment failed.  

Leaderboard: Publish one or many leaderboards to recognize your stars. A container for leaderboards created under People > Leaderboards, which can include recognition for recruiting, twitter activity and political capital. You can also create a text and rich media introduction.

Moneybomb: Supporters can pledge an amount to donate at a specific time and recruit others to do the same. It turns a fundraising drive into an event. Includes the option of a custom introduction, autoresponses, auto-tagging, point person assignment, and notification emails for new pledges.

Nation Signup: Network customers can create a nation signup page. You can negotiate pricing for networked-nations, including the ability to subsidize the cost. Learn more about NationBuilder Network.

Petition: The online activism stalwart. You can set a signature goal, collect comments, pictures, and people can choose whether to publish their signature on the site. The page includes advanced settings, point person assignment, email notifications of new signatures, optional auto-tagging, signatures through text keywords, and volunteer recruitment. You can also review your signatures, map supporters, and print out a PDF of your signatures.

Political Capital: The history and current balance of the signed in person's political capital. You can also edit this page to say "participation credit" if you don't want to award political chits.

Press Release: Assign a headline and author with contact info to a content field. Pulls in contact number and email for author automatically.

Recruiting: Recruit friends and track their involvement. Have they donated? Are they volunteering? You can create an introduction and select a page for supporters to promote. Automatically generates recruiter links for many social media sites.

Redirect: Create a link on your NationBuilder site that sends visitors to another page or an entirely different website (with another URL). 

Rules: The simplest and surprisingly most effective way to keep a nation civil is by having a set of rules and enforcing them. On the rules page, you can set notifications when a rule is broken, customize intro text, create new rules and edit the defaults, and customize autoresponses for when rules are violated.

Signup: Basic signup form, you can ask for email address, physical address, phone, whether they want to volunteer, etc. People who sign up can receive auto-response emails and be tagged, assigned a point person, and added to an engagement path automatically. You can also create a list of database tags for new signups to choose one from.

Suggestion Box: Crowdsource suggestions and allow people to rate them based on criteria you specify, or to comment. For example, you can solicit policy ideas around a particular topic and let people rate the ideas based on whether they are good, bad, impractical or important. Or you can crowdsource questions for an event, letting people rate them as great, off-topic, important, etc. The page type is a container for suggestions. Nurture your community with this flexible page type by allowing visitors to interact with one another and your nation's leadership. People who create suggestions can receive auto-response emails and be tagged, added to a path, or assigned a point person automatically.

Survey: Collect answers to your multiple choice survey questions directly on your website. Includes a customizable introduction, optional auto-tagging, point person assignments, path assignments, and email notifications of new surveys. You can create multiple-choice, yes-no or open-ended survey questions and review and export the results. Surveys can also be attached to scannable sheets, simplifying data entry for door-to-door canvassing and phone banks. Y

Unsubscribe: Allows signups to opt-out of receiving emails. An unsubscribe page should be linked at the bottom of all your email blasts, and we automatically create one for you.

Volunteer Signup: Page can include a custom introduction with text and/or rich media. Allow people to volunteer for specific tasks/roles and collect detailed contact info. For example, people can volunteer to host an event, intern, or stuff envelopes. Each task assigns the person's profile a unique tag. All volunteers can be tagged, assigned a point person, and added to an engagement path. 

Vote Pledge: Allow people to pledge their support online. Voters can indicate they plan to vote yes, no, or unsure. Can be used for either candidate support or policy decisions. You can choose to count the votes with a goal. When your introduction includes a video, this is the perfect page for people to send their friends.

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