Integrating grassroots advocacy with your nation

There are many ways to campaign against the status quo. You can create petitions on your nation's website, gathering a community of supporters around your cause. The petition signatures can then be exported and delivered in person.

It can also be effective to target legislators, government officials, and corporate stakeholders directly with your campaign messages using a grassroots advocacy app. These applications make it easy for your supporters to send targeted messages via phone, email, and social media. While many vendors provide advocacy resources, this page lists advocacy apps that sync directly with your nation. This means that when someone takes action, the app simultaneously triggers an update to the supporter's profile in your nation. 

Application  Federal  State / Provincial  Custom  Pricing  Notes 
Phone2Action  US US yes starts at $400/mo  nonpartisan 
One Click Politics  AU, CA, US  US yes starts at free nonpartisan 
Do Gooder AU, CA, UK, US  AU, US yes starts at $29/mo progressives only
uJoin US US yes starts at $30/mo nonpartisan
CampaignNOW AU, US AU, US yes starts at $30/mo nonpartisan
Countable US US yes starts at $1,000/mo nonpartisan
NewMode US, CA US, CA yes starts at $89/mo progressives only

All of these apps allow you to create web forms allowing your supporters to send individual emails directly to legislators, government officials, and corporate stakeholders. On the other hand, each provider has distinct features. Supporters can be encouraged to tweet at legislators or post on their Facebook walls. Phone calls can be encouraged with a click-to-call button or by providing the number to call and a form to report results. Therefore, you may want to check with more than one provider.

More information and app support

Please contact the app providers directly for more information or check out our app directory

NationBuilder does not provide direct support for these apps. If you need help with features, please contact them directly. The app creator will contact us if there is ever an integration issue.

How can I get my app listed?

If you provide grassroots advocacy tools, it's easy to integrate with NationBuilder. We welcome apps with diverse functionality and support for legislatures around the world. Please review our API documentation and submission guidelines. You can also send us an email.

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