What aren't my subpages showing in a drop down menu?

My site, clearcreekdemocrats.nationbulder.com, is using the City Zen Urban theme. i have a calendar page called Events with three pages set to be subpages of that page but they are not showing in a drop down menu and actually no drop down is showing at all.

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When you access those subpages, head to Settings > check the box "Show in Top Nav" > Save the page. 

If the parent page and the subpages all have Show in Top Nav enabled, they should show up in a drop down menu in the top navigation bar. 

If you've enabled "Show in Top Nav" in the parent page and the subpage head to Website > Site Settings > Clear Cache. As you make changes to your website, they some times do not immediately reflect on the live site. Clearing the cache will sometimes flush out that funkiness. 

If these steps still do not help with the issue, please reach out to us at help@nationbuilder.com

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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