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Announcing NationBuilder's new president: Hilary Doe

by · December 02

Friendship and partnership are the foundation of NationBuilder. And today, I am overjoyed to announce that my friend, the extraordinary Hilary Doe, is now NationBuilder’s president. Hilary started at NationBuilder in September 2013 as a director of business development. She was still in a PhD program at Princeton, studying movement...

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What's the best way to acquire new supporters? Through your website.

by · April 29

A core benefit of NationBuilder's all-in-one system is its ability to seamlessly capture a 360-degree view of your supporter’s actions. Having this perspective means you have the insight you need to optimize your supporter engagement strategies. But the first step,...

The subtle psychology of fundraising

by · April 15

In 2020, organizations in more than 100 countries used NationBuilder to raise over $350 million worldwide. In the course of their fundraising efforts, our customers spent thousands of hours creating and tweaking every combination of color, font, and word choice...

How your small team can make a big impact

by · April 09

Some of history’s largest movements have been led by small teams. The key element behind their success? An ability to distribute leadership to their community. While the idea of distributing leadership is not new, it’s seen a lot of change...

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