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We envision a world where everyone has the freedom and opportunity to create what they are meant to create.


We build the infrastructure for a world of creators by helping leaders develop and organize thriving communities.

Founding beliefs


People connected create everything great in the world

NationBuilder has a fundamental faith in the power of people, connected. Each of us has something we are uniquely meant to contribute to the world, but we cannot do it alone. We’re not meant to. Find what you love, find the other people who love it, too, and do it for the greatest cause you can imagine.


The internet makes it possible for everyone to be a leader

Humanity is now connected, and that both enables and demands a new kind of leadership. The days when we were limited to one-to-one or one-to-many communication are over. The internet makes it possible to communicate many-to-many. Which means you can build a movement. You don’t need permission from anyone else to do something great. You just need to be authentic, build direct relationships, empower other people, and have the courage to share your (real) self with the world.


The tools of leadership should be available to everyone

NationBuilder does not discriminate. It is arrogant, even absurd, for us to decide which leaders are “better” or “right.” We make the tools of leadership available to everyone regardless of race, age, class, religion, educational background, ideology, gender, sexual orientation or party.


Service is sacred

Leaders serve. And we serve leaders. We’re fiercely committed to helping our customers do the thing they’re trying to do in the world.


Creators must become leaders

Buckminster Fuller said it best: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” It’s time for creators to stop asking for permission – from studios, from record labels, from publishers – and to become leaders.