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Custom display of people records?

The standard display of people records has its virtues, but it's not very dense: it doesn't get much information onto the screen at once. And much of the information we want to have in front of us when making calls is one, or two, or three clicks away. Is there a way to customize the display of People records? Is there a way we could create an alternate page accessible only to those with control panel access, for display of people records (and ideally logging of contacts)?

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Hi there -

While it is not possible to customize the standard display of people records, you might be interested in NationBuilder's call view. You can read more about how to set up a phone bank and use call view here:

Furthermore, it is possible to customize the look of a call or walk sheet, as described here:

If you need help customizing your call sheets, our network of certified Architects is available to assist:


Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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