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How can I backup my Nation?

I know that NB has its own back-up system, but I understand I do not have access to it (i.e. I cannot restore my Nation to its condition as of the latest backup) or control over it.  What is the best way for me to generate my own backup?  And how complete would such a backup be? (For example, if the best method is a people list export, will that data also include information on events, donations, etc?  Would I be able to upload this data and re-create my Nation?)

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In general, avoid deleting data that you don't want to lose as that will permanently remove it from the database.

As a safe guard, there is a low-level full database backup if you go into Settings > Backups.  Any administrator can download a backup of your PostgreSQL 9 database, but you will need to know how to deal with that.

NationBuilder is backed up in real-time automatically so your data is always safe.  This low level database back up is just so you can download your database if you need to leave NationBuilder, or if you are about to do something dramatic, like delete a lot of people. By backing up the database NationBuilder support will have a fighting chance of restoring the info you might have deleted.

That is all a very last resort.  Nomally, you can export people and donation data from the People and Finances sections. Yes, you can import that data if you suffer a loss and restore the essential features of your nation. Events are not supported in this way.

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