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This is a guest post by WinWith.Me Managing Partner, Viktor Szigetvári.

WinWith.Me is one of NationBuilder's newest integrated partners. WinWith.Me lets users create custom Facebook Messenger Bots to engage supporters and sync those records to your nation.

1. Facebook Messenger bots are the next level of peer-to-peer texting

We believe that in 2 years automated messaging services will be part of every campaign’s toolbox just like Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Instagram profiles. We normally reach 85% open rate and higher than 50% click-through rate with our broadcasts. Conversational politics is up and coming, and peer-to-peer texting was just the first step. Well written conversations are more authentic and more engaging then boring paragraphs of focus group tested punchlines. Conversations with Messenger bots are quick and easy for the users, and it takes only a touch of a finger to share with her or his friends a news item or an online pledge card for the subscriber.

2. WinWith.Me as a bot-builder tool has been specifically designed for political use cases and advocacy campaigns

WinWith.Me is a web application that is a fully functional and GDPR compliant bot-builder tool. We use our own, approved Facebook apps to communicate with the Messenger platform and we can also provide client specific, dedicated apps to communicate with Messenger’s back end. We have designed our service to be the most data focused bot-building tool on the market, and our service enhances every client’s database with a wide array of relevant social interaction data.

3. Messenger bots are opt-in only, automated messaging services

Messenger bots are not like Siri, Alexa, or other digital assistants on the market, but more like automated messaging services that provide user specific, targeted and personalized messaging possibilities for candidates, NGOs and campaigns. Messenger bots are opt-in only services by design. It is not possible to send messages to the Inbox of a people without having them previously signed up for the bot. This signing up can be a simple message sent by the user to the bot, can be an interaction with an ad of the bot by the user or just a simple touch of the "Get started!” button on a bot’s page. Opting in more and more users requires an effort by the communicator but after that you will be in touch with committed supporters of your goals.

4. Bots communicate by broadcasts, series of optional messages

Every outbound messaging effort is a broadcast of the bot. Broadcasts are not single messages but a series of different options in a tree structure. When you edit a broadcast, you complete all the possible options on that particular tree structure. The users normally interact with a bot by quick reply buttons and, depending on the actual reply, the user is given a context specific pre-defined answer. WinWith.Me will provide you a set of pre-defined templates to make conversational messaging very easy.


5. Subscribers and unlimited non-promotional messaging

After someone became a subscriber of a bot, the bot can message them with unlimited number of non-promotional messages. These messages arrive in the Messenger Inbox of the user next to regular updates of their chat groups and other private exchanges. Most of the users have push notification turned on for Messenger so there is a big chance that your message will reach your audience and not a subfolder in an inbox of an emailing service. 

6. WinWith.Me is fully integrated with NationBuilder

WinWith.Me as a bot-builder tool is fully integrated with NationBuilder. Our system automatically identifies those people in your nation who are also subscribers of your Messenger bot. Every online interaction with the bot by the people in your nation will be uploaded into your database in NationBuilder. Also every additional contact data point such as mobile phone number, email address, etc. will also be sent to your nation by WinWith.Me. Finally your lists will be there automatically and immediately in WinWith.Me among the target groups. Our system will tell you how many people of a particular list in your nation are also subscribers of your bot.

Learn more about WinWith.Me by visiting our NationBuilder directory listing.
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