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Endpoint for primary_country and registered_country?

The export csv contains address fields such as “primary_country” and “registered_country”, which contains the name of the country. The API People-endpoint does not contain those fields. The API does contain the “country_code” key. Is there another endpoint that allows me to read/write to the country name fields e.g. “primary_country” and “registered_country”?

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In general, you wouldn't be able to write to any specific "Primary" information because "Primary" is an address category and not a specific address type. For example, you are able to write to billing address, mailing address, registered address or home address and each one of those address types could be listed as the "Primary" address within the Control Panel.  

For example, if you wanted to add a country code to the registered address for a person in your database, you could send this json payload with your POST or PUT request through our API:

"person": {
  "registered_address": {
    "state": "TX",
    "country_code": "US"

Similarly, you can change out the "registered_address" with "billing_address", "home_address", or "mailing_address", depending on which sort of address country code you are trying to modify. 

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