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A mobile canvassing solution deployed right from your control panel.

This is a guest post written by Ryan Anderson of FieldEdge - a mobile app that lets you interact with your nation on the go. Ryan's team recently launched mobile canvassing on FieldEdge and he wrote the following post about its functionality.

FieldEdge, the mobile app for accessing your nation in the field, has just launched a new canvassing solution that tightly integrates with NationBuilder.

No more lugging reams of paper. No more getting lost. No more handwriting. With FieldEdge Canvass, you use NationBuilder to setup and manage your canvassing efforts.

FieldEdge allows you to setup a team of canvassers in minutes using the turf-cutting tool in NationBuilder and deploy to canvassers instantly. FieldEdge takes care of the route, the demographic information and syncs all of the canvasser’s data back to your nation so they’re free to engage with your community.

Your control panel users will have instant access to their walk when they login to FieldEdge with their NationBuilder login, it’s that simple.

Want your canvassers to survey constituents? Simply create a survey in NationBuilder.

FieldEdge starts from just $9/m and scales up to nation-wide campaigns. Start your free 14-day free trial.

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