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A nation to end bullying

NationBuilder's mission is to make everyone a leader and our vision is to unlock the potential of a connected humanity. You can see this vision in action at The Bully Project, organized around the film "Bully", which aims to reach 1 million children in 2013 to stop bullying.


The Bully Project will be featured on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight on CNN at 10 p.m. EST.

The project's website (warning - it's really hard to not tear up on the movie trailer) uses NationBuilder's tools to great effect, highlighting your personal network on the homepage as soon as you authorize Twitter and Facebook. It also offers badges like "The Upstander" for spreading the world. As soon as I got the badge, I also unlocked great anti-bullying resources like this "10 Ways to Be An Upstander" guide.

Here's a look at my personalized home page:


Read more about the website development from NationBuilder Architect cStreet Campaigns:

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