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Accurate Append

Accurate Append

Email validation and data appends that sync straight to your nation

Our popular NationBuilder app has billions of data points on U.S. voters and consumers to bring your contact lists to life and help you raise more money and win more votes.


Pennies per record. Register for a free estimate or contact us directly if you have 50,000 or more records.


Steve McGavran ·

About the app

  • Fundraise more efficiently by using the right email address for your donors and supporters. We'll show which records are causing you spam problems. 
  • Verify your members list with the correct phone number and postal address.
  • Microtarget with key demographics such as income, wealth, ethnicity and more (U.S. only).
  • Improve your Facebook ad buying ROI with the data you need for laser-targeted custom audiences.
  • Quick and powerful NationBuilder list sync -- manage multiple nations from a single account.
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