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Tickets not Populating on Donation Page


I wanted to pass along a problem we continue to experience when selling tickets on our site. When people go to an event page on our site and enter the number of tickets they want to purchase, it doesn't always populate when they are directed to the donation/ticket page. I would say about 30% of the people see the default donation amount that is set up in the donation page settings rather than the number of tickets selected. This also means those people do not get tracked with an RSVP in NationBuilder when they finish their purchases. I was told previously by NB staff that this can happen with older browsers, but it seems odd that so many of our supporters are using outdated browsers. We have stopped relying on the RSVP function of NB. We instead redirect people to a google form where they can give us their name and any other info we need like meal preference. I use google forms exclusively for tracking RSVPs now, and cross-reference with the donations received on the donation/ticket page.
If you would like to see an example of all this, you can see our recent dinner event with the slug: dinner_in_the_vineyard_2016
(I put in an RSVP with 17 guests to get the correct RSVP number to show up on the event page. I also closed down ticket sales when we reached capacity for our event.)
The ticket page has the slug: dinner_in_the_vineyard_ticket_page
You will notice that some of the donations do not end up as RSVPs. Andy Ekman and Karen Utz are good examples of people who donated multiple times to get the number of tickets they wanted. And no, we did not share a link to the donation page, only the event page.
I'm not sure how to replicate this problem, as it does not happen to me when I test it out, but we always have this issue at least a few times with every event.



Hi Ashley - there are a couple things to be aware of:

  1. If cookies are disabled in the user's browser, the ticket count will not transfer to the donation page.
  2. If your users RSVP, make a payment, and share the social prompt from the donation page, those who click on the link and make a payment will not be included in the total RSVP count. The best way to avoid this situation from happening is to disable the social share prompt from being shared via the donation page.

We recognize the inconvenience of this and will take this into account as we plan to make larger updates to the events feature in the future.

Update 11/3 - We have updated the FAQ on how to get correct RSVP numbers when users have disabled cookies. 

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