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You have put tons of hours into your campaign and primary day is around the corner. Now, the most important question your website needs to answer is “Where do I vote?” NationBuilder and the Voting Information Project (VIP) teamed up to make it super simple to use their Voting Information Tool on your NationBuilder site.

The Voting Information Project created by The Pew Charitable Trusts, the states, and Google made an easily embeddable polling location widget that any NationBuilder customer can place on their website. VIP’s Voting Information Tool is open source, mobile-friendly, customizable and available in 16 languages. It provides official voting information, to anyone using just a residential address.  

VIP data is available on a rolling basis, and is taken down when the election is complete so that voters are not inadvertently given out of date information.  You can track which state data is live by following us on Twitter (@VotingInfo) and Facebook, or by joining our Google group.

If you or your organization has questions about VIP, please contact the VIP team at and follow VIP onTwitter and Facebook!

How to get it on your NationBuilder site.

Adding the Voting Information Tool to your site works in a similar manner to adding other widgets. 

If you are adding to a stand alone page, you will start by going into the Template section of the page and placing the embed code found on the VIP Voting Information Tool page and pasting it into the template below the content section - for example, on a "Basic" page type, it will go below the line {{ page.basic.content }}. Here is the default code from the site:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <div id="_vit"></div> <script type="text/javascript">vit.load({
modal: true,
title: 'Voting Information Tool',
width: '640px', height: '480px',
colors: { 'header': '#229acd', 'landscapeBackgroundHeader': '#228a9d' },
language: 'en'

There is also a Spanish language version that can be found below the default version of the embed code on the VIP Voting Information Tool page.

To add the widget to the sidebar of a page, you will need to edit the _columns_2.html template.  You can get there by going to Website > Theme > Templates. For more information about customizing theme templates, check out our theme documentation.

Happy Voting!

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