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Angry deer hunters take to the internet over Walker policies

Save WI Deer HuntingWisconsin's for a while been one of NationBuilder's more active customer bases.

Not only has it been one of the hottest places in the country for grassroots activism over the past year, until earlier this month it was the home of one of our first employees, VP of engineering Dan Walmsley. Dan, like our early team members in the SF Bay Area, NYC and Los Angeles, did quite a job of evangelizing our community organizing system in and around his home in Madison.

This week a new effort emerged from Wisconsin, the first case I know of activists mixing progressive politics and hunting on NationBuilder.

I first caught the story on Daily Kos, where you can read a diary that goes into more background. A handful of activists have put up a site calling out Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for his policies on deer hunting on public lands. They stood up a simple website and put together a NationBuilder donation page with a goal of raising $800 to run Facebook ads alerting hunters to the issue. 

When I first saw the site, they'd raised a few hundred bucks. By this morning, they had more than doubled their goal. Just goes to show what smart organizers can do over a weekend with the right tools and a clear message.

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