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App Branding Guidelines

To help you prepare for the launch of your NationBuilder app or integration, here are guidelines for creating press and marketing materials that reference NationBuilder. 

Before publishing your materials or press release, send them to Brian Palmer for review. 

Table of contents

Using NationBuilder’s name

When referring to your application or integration, do not use the NationBuilder name in a way that suggests sponsorship or endorsement by NationBuilder. Instead highlight the benefits that the application provides to NationBuilder customers. Don’t use NationBuilder’s name with plus signs or ampersands (+ or &). 

Horizontal logo


Horizontal logo


Using the NationBuilder branding

Please refer to the NationBuilder brand resources page to download our logo and for full branding guidelines.

Do not modify or alter our logo in any way including adding taglines or making other additions that appear to be part of the logo. Do not use plus signs or ampersands (+ or &) with our logo or use it in a way that suggests sponsorship or endorsement.

Crafting announcements

When writing headlines or press releases, don’t give the impression that NationBuilder is announcing any news. 

  • Incorrect: Company and NationBuilder today announce a new finance app
  • Correct: Company today announced a new finance app built on NationBuilder

Sample messaging:

  • [Organization] is launching a new application on NationBuilder. 
  • [Organization] has integrated with NationBuilder to make [Activity] easier.
  • Using [App] you can now do [Activity] and your data will be updated in your nation.

Promoting your integration

Developers are responsible for press outreach and promotion of their integration or application. We generally don’t participate in press opportunities but we’re always open to ideas. Please contact Brian Palmer

Working with NationBuilder's team

We encourage app builders and integrators to work with our Business Development and Organizing teams to identify opportunities to serve NationBuilder customers.

Our API is fully open, which means that there will often be various products serving similar needs within our ecosystem. We welcome special offers for NationBuilder customers, but please do not offer incentives or referral programs to staffers at NationBuilder. Our role is to ensure customers get connected with the apps that make the most sense for them, period.

If you'd like to learn more about presenting your product to our team and how to best work with our customers, contact Brian Palmer.

Information needed for inclusion on our apps page

We like to highlight apps or integrations on our website. We need the following information for your application to be included.  

  • The name of your firm or application
  • A high resolution version of your logo plus an 80x80 thumbnail 
  • Primary contact name (if relevant), contact phone, contact email address
  • NationBuilder customer-specific landing page link or application home page link
  • A description of your app’s benefits for NationBuilder customers in up to 200 characters - bullets are OK, up to four.
  • Basic pricing details, such as a range or minimum
  • Confirmation of which of these tags you'd like to be listed under for identification of which customers segments your app is appropriate for: "Data", "Field", "Crowd engagement", "Communication", "Mobile”, "Content management." If distribution of your application is limited to certain groups (e.g. geographical or ideological limitations), please let us know. 
  • Screenshot of your app and/or the integration in action to help show customers what it looks like (optional)

Email your information to Brian Palmer at [email protected].

Language and style

Words not to use:

  • partner
  • partnership
  • strategic
  • commitment
  • collaboration
  • exclusive
  • deal
  • contract

Other guidelines: 

  • Don’t refer to your integration as “the first-ever” or “the first in the industry.” NationBuilder is an open platform and we can’t verify which apps are first in any category.
  • Use “NationBuilder customers” or “people” instead of the words “users” or “clients”
  • Use “integrated with NationBuilder” or “NationBuilder integration” or “app on NationBuilder”
  • Refer to NationBuilder as a “platform,” a “community organizing system,” “organizing platform,” or “community building platform”

Style guide: 

  • It’s “NationBuilder” NOT “Nationbuilder” or "Nation Builder.”
  • It’s “nation” NOT “Nation.”
  • Use “control panel” NOT “the back end,” “the admin,” or “the console.” “The dashboard” is a view inside the control panel.
  • NationBuilder capital is “political capital” or “social capital” or “currency” NOT “points.”
  • Features should not be referred to as “tools.” Use “NationBuilder surveys” NOT “NationBuilder’s survey tool.”