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Whether exporting donations or people, NationBuilder always exports every field available. 99% of the time this is more than you need. We need some kind of pre-export tool that allows us to check off fields, or just a few different types of exports like "contact info. only" "address only" "fundraiser" and "full".

Official response from completed

Update 3/9/2017 - you can now customize exports in your people section! Thank you to everyone who gave us your feedback - and thank you to the NationBuilder team who worked so hard to get this out to you!


The comments on this issue generally seem to fall into two buckets:

  1. We don't want an export to include certain information (e.g. financial data).
  2. We want a specific field added to exports that isn't there already.

We think we've solved #1! Read more about the new release.

If you want to request specific fields be added, please submit separate public issues.

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