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Decentralised content?

Can you use Nationbuilder to allow regional contacts to upload their content in WORD files for later approval by ADMINs? Or should they be creating their own subpages on the site (for later approval)...

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Practice pages?

the video states we can practice, but I don't see an option to do that.  Is there a practice website where we can build our skills?

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Donation settings

Hi,  I was testing my donation page functions.  After I made a donation, it asked me if I wanted to share on Facebook.  I wanted that to occur, problem is it asked repeatedly on each page I went to on my site after I had clicked "no thanks" the first time. Is there something I can do in the settings so that this doesn't happen?



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Nationbuilder Works

This is proof positive that Nationbuilder works. 

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Targetting voters

How do you target by ethnicity?

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Final "send" button

where is the final "send " button at?

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page to login

Should I login to the "slug" address as highlighted within the instruction video, or do I create a new page?

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Really Appreciate This Series!

Thank you, Kristin, for narrating this series of videos on the basics of NationBuilder. It is helping all of this to come together for us at - the Broadband Internet Services Association.

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