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Build a long-term strategy for your political party


Election day is the moment when years of work are put to the test. You need a secure, reliable technology infrastructure that’s powerful enough to manage your data, communicate with your base, and identify new voters – so you can build your long-term strategic advantage.

The 2008 and 2012 elections proved the power of locally organized grassroots engagement, but the tools cost millions of dollars to custom build. Now, your party can rely on – and afford – the same platform trusted by dozens of political parties worldwide.

Your advantage? People. You need good volunteerdonor, and voter data, and you need it all in one place – not in thousands of spreadsheets scattered across hundreds of staffers in three different time zones. With NationBuilder, you’ll share powerful and secure data capture and communications tools with every candidate and campaign.

Campaigns and elections come and go – but your party is forever. And with NationBuilder, so is your data.

Political parties using NationBuilder

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