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2017 Update - our services team will import your first import for free! Check out our Free Import page for info. 

There’s a feeling you get when you know your data is safe. It’s all in one place. Life is wonderful.

We want to help you get there faster.

Starting today, we are now offering *free* manual data importing during the trial period. And for the next month (until the end of July), we’re extending that offer to all existing customers.

You know that email system, your Google contacts, your old donor database, that random fundraiser you had two years ago with all the RSVPs in an Excel spreadsheet? We’ll take care of it.

And once it’s in NationBuilder, it will automatically sync to Facebook and Twitter. Instead of only email addresses, you’ll see pictures and bios and friends. It’s the first important step to building those relationships and organizing your community. And it means sleeping easy at night knowing your data is protected.

Our team of data specialists is ready to make sure it gets into your nation perfectly—just contact your organizer with a general idea of what you want to do, and we’ll take it from there. 

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