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Get volunteers to call your NationBuilder lists using an automated phone banking system. Choose between a predictive dialer, power dialer and auto dialer for different dialing speeds. Quickly and efficiently call thousands of contacts. Volunteers can talk to people, take notes about the calls and fill out NationBuilder surveys. This is useful for political campaigning and live surveys. No software to download or install. All your volunteers need is a web browser. Available in 200+ international countries.


Unlimited volunteer accounts for free. Pay as you go for minutes used.


[email protected] ·  +18053033331

About the app

  • Dialers available: Predictive, Power and Auto dialers.
  • Survey responses, notes and links to audio recording of the call sync back to NationBuilder.
  • Appropriate tags and email autoresponses will be generated for the response.
  • Volunteers can leave a pre-recorded message if an answering machine answers the phone.
  • All calls will be recorded and displayed in the user-interface.

See CallHub in action on our recorded webinar from March 2018.