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We are hiring a Chief Organizer

UPDATE 4/25: We found our person, we will announce who it is soon. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to apply.

We are looking for an experienced organizer to help grow our community of nation builders. The primary qualities we are looking for in this critical third member of our team are:

  • You are an excellent writer and communicator across all media: emails, tweets, speeches, video.
  • You are happiest when interacting with people, and people love being around you.
  • Active in social media. If you don't tweet, this isn't for you.
  • A distinctive, genuine, personality.
  • Technically savvy, but you don't have to code or do HTML.
  • Enjoy working from home with flexible hours, but lots of them.
  • You should be as comfortable emailing customers as you are speaking at conferences.
  • You are ready to take on the establishment.

You will be working with lots of political campaigns and non-profits, but this is a startup. We are funded, and the job includes stock options and health care benefits.

To apply, send an email to the email address you see in the footer of the page. It should include:

  1. Show us why we should interview you in 140 characters or less. (like a tweet, but you don't have to actually tweet it)
  2. Your Twitter account name
  3. If you are currently ghost-tweeting for an organizational account, let us know that too.

That's it, we don't want your resume, where you went to school, or anything like that. And we don't care how many followers you have, this is about your style, personality, and ability to communicate.