Director of Organizing

NationBuilder is looking for a Director of Organizing to lead and manage our exceptional team of organizers. While most companies have a sales team, we base our process on the principles of community organizing. This is a unique opportunity for someone who loves organizing and wants to make it accessible to people all over the world, while building a genre defining startup.

NationBuilder is the world's first community organizing system, bringing together social media, voter data, online donations, field tools, a people database and an easy-to-use website all in one affordable package. It’s the tool that every organizer wants and wishes they’d had years ago. NationBuilder is bringing organizing not just to every political candidate from school board to Senate, but to authors, filmmakers, and anyone building a community around what they do. Backed by top folks in Silicon Valley like Andreesen Horowitz, Sean Parker, and Chris Hughes, the Los Angeles-based company has grown to 1000 customers in just a year.

To apply, send an email to the "jobs" address you see in the footer of this page. It should include:

  1. Tell us why we should talk to you in 140 characters or less. (like a tweet, but you don't have to actually tweet it)
  2. Your website or resume
Do you know someone who would be a good fit?