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Collaboration made easy with the NationBuilder Dropbox integration

Integrate your nation with Dropbox for free. You can make changes to your theme and page level files anywhere you go, share files with your team members, and preview the changes within your nation before they get published.

How to sync your nation with Dropbox

Install Dropbox

Install Dropbox at Settings Apps Dropbox from your NationBuilder control panel.

Allow NationBuilder access to Dropbox

Log into your Dropbox account and click ‘Allow’ to install Dropbox in your nation.

Sync your files to Dropbox

Your files will be synced to a newly created folder called ‘nationbuilder’ in your Dropbox account.

That’s it! You can now start working with your theme and page level files locally. Any changes made will be synced with your nation.

Need more help? Learn more by reading our in-depth documentation.