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Nation building doesn't end on election day

Congratulations to everyone who ran for office yesterday. Whether you won or lost, you built something important – your nation. Now please put down your blackberry and go to sleep, seriously!

But if you insist on reading this post, here’s a picture of a kitten. :)


Also, here are some suggestions:

If you won your election, you are probably thinking about your transition into office. One of the biggest problems we’ve seen staffers have is simply keeping up with the sheer volume of constituent requests, most of which come via email. NationBuilder can help with our new mailboxes, which allows you to handle incoming email and automatically set it for followup by the most appropriate people on your staff. It gives you the ability to listen, respond and track all interactions with your community, making your office as efficient as possible. 

If you lost your election, keep organizing your community. You don’t have to be in office to lead. Don’t lose your supporters, engage them. Start a project for your community, host events, talk to people. You’ll show that you’re about getting things done no matter what. And you’ll be building your nation for the next thing you decide to do – whether it’s running for office or not.

Your point person will be reaching out to you in the next week or two to help you with the transition, and to see how we can be helpful.

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